Back in the Process – Jan 3

General Thoughts

Today was the first “real” work day of the year and was focused on getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve been lax on my mid-term goals and I need to get back to it.

Thoughts On the book I’m currently reading

Haven’t gotten any further at the moment


I’ve made little progress so far, but am on my way.

Current Long Term Goal and Progress

My current long-term goal is to get my business into the position to hire a new employee by July. In order to achieve this, I need to focus on at least $2,500 a week in new business.

In order to to reach this point, I will be ramping up our marketing which is now possible with the completion of a new website for us. This involves publishing a new blog post on a weekly basis, an increase in social posts and seriously utilizing our email blast list.

I have a couple of short term goals in order to step closer towards this.

While I do believe $2,500 in new business is an achievable and fair goal, I do see this first week as a challenge considering many business owners will be slow to get back up on their feet from the holiday break.

I also want to work on the design of this blog but am not going to currently worry about it – sorry.

Current Mid Term Goal and Progress

I currently have 3 mid-term goals:

Improve my Ability at using Memory Palace

I have a half an hour in my daily schedule for practice and 3 hours on the weekend. No progress just yet.

Get Rid of Half of My Shit

I need to setup an ebay store and start going through my crap. I have an hour this weekend for this.

Journaling / Improve my Handwriting

This here counts as my journaling. To kill two birds with one stone, I’m really looking to use my Bullet Journal as an excuse to improve my hand-writing. I’ll be taking it slow and taking the time to not make it look like chicken scratch.

eCommerce Site

Work on the facade of one of our eCommerce sites.

Current Short Term Goal and Progress

  • Fix my new site’s blog for mobile,
  • Complete BR’s web facades,
  • Backup and update GS’s site,
  • Setup new GIT Logo,
  • Complete new blog post for tomorrow
  • Sent quote to new lead

    Diet Log

    Did well but I did succumb to some Jelly Beans after dinner

    Fitness Log

    Did well. Need to take a look at my squat form.

    Meditation Log

    Skipped. Need to get on this.

    Extraneous Notes

    Decided to start doing a page from this book every day. We’ll see how it goes.