Wasted Time – Jan 2

General Thoughts

I’m disappointed about my first Monday of the year. It was a slow day and I think I ended up using that as an excuse to myself to get lost in the day and not get much done. One thing I want to work on to get straight is some solid method to track time. Ideally, it would be self-contained within my Bullet Journal.
I found this but I’m concerned with how much space it takes up. I also found this one through this Reddit thread. I’m going to experiment with a bastardization between to two.
Other than the disappointment of not getting much done through the day, I did see an awesome Documentary about the birth, life and future of the internet called Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World. Directed by Werner Herzog, a seemingly singular individual, I thought it was very interesting.
He had a lot of great interviewees and went down a number of intriguing avenues of thought. I was, however, disappointed by the interviews them self.

He had these opportunities to ask a wide range of questions about the internet and where it’s going to experts who would actually be able to answer them and all of his questions seemed to be random, disappointing and out of left field. I may be spoilt from extended podcast interviews and the like where the interviewer and interviewee can really delve into a subject and extract all the gems.

I did notice that half way through the documentary that I missed becoming an active watcher like I have been attempting to do with reading. Taking notes etc. This is something I should work on.


I’ve made little progress so far, but am on my way.

Current Long Term Goal and Progress

Not much to report just yet.


Current Mid Term Goal and Progress

I currently have 3 mid-term goals:

Improve my Ability at using Memory Palace

I have a half an hour in my daily schedule for practice and 3 hours on the weekend. No progress just yet.

Get Rid of Half of My Shit

I need to setup an ebay store and start going through my crap. I have an hour this weekend for this.

Journaling / Improve my Handwriting

This here counts as my journaling. To kill two birds with one stone, I’m really looking to use my Bullet Journal as an excuse to improve my hand-writing. I’ll be taking it slow and taking the time to not make it look like chicken scratch.

eCommerce Site

Work on the facade of one of our eCommerce sites.

Current Short Term Goal and Progress

  • Fix my new site’s blog for mobile,
  • Complete BR’s web facades,
  • Backup and update GS’s site,
  • Setup new GIT Logo,
  • Complete new blog post for tomorrow
  • Fill up buffer
  • Contact lead and email RE

    Diet Log

    Did well Monday. Should have gotten more protein though.

    Fitness Log

    Knocked it out! No problems.

    Meditation Log

    Skipped over it Monday.

    Extraneous Notes


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